The Blackmail Blend

Six romance writers

Five secrets
Four poison pen letters
Three stolen manuscripts
Two undercover journalists
One over-complicated love life
Way too many teacups and tiny sandwiches

Cake, not murder. Cake hardly ever gets you killed…
Tabitha can quit solving murder mysteries any time she likes – and right now, she’s far more interested in her catering job for Queen Beattie’s high tea. Beatrice Wilde is a famous and beloved romance novelist, who nurtures new writers with tea, sympathy and career advice. She’s also obnoxious, demanding, and a hot contender for ‘Client Most Likely To Be Murdered By Cake Fork.’
Queen Beattie’s high tea sets off a murderous chain of events involving poison, blackmail, revenge… and a special blend of mayhem. Once again, Tabitha is right in the centre of the chaos, and the only way out is to solve the crime – even if that means losing one of the very confusing and attractive men in her life.

The Blackmail Blend by Livia Day
eBook only • 77pp • RRP $0.99
ISBN 978-1-922101-26-6
June 2015


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