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I’ll admit I was nervous when I heard there was ‘tweaking’ going on with the cover of my book, because I had just been showing it off to everyone I met at Genrecon and hearing so much positive feedback about how it worked for crime and mainstream readers (and even the occasional SF reader) – the thought of changing it was alarming!

But of course I should have trusted the amazing Amanda Rainey, who added a splash (literally) more criminal intent to the original design, which really brings the concept together.


A Trifle Dead will be launched on 28 March at the Hobart Bookshop – more details on that later. In the mean time, you can pre-order the book directly from Twelfth Planet Press.

Thanks to Sean the Blogonaut for scooping the author on this one & saying such nice things about the book based on only having read the first chapter. Someone get that man a review copy!

A new week and a new website! For those of you just finding me, I write far more frequently under my other (less poisonous) pen name over at Stitching Words, but that is a fairly Livia-lite kind of blog, and after a fun and brain-expanding weekend at Genrecon, it was pretty clear that Livia needed her own bright shiny red internet home.

Yes, it had to be red.

Other discoveries this past weekend included the generosity and warmth of the Aussie Sisters in Crime, who I am totally signing up to join this week. Some amazing readers, writers and publishers, and so friendly in the face of yet another new author.

So, fun times ahead. New book coming soon. You will all finally, FINALLY get to meet Tabitha Darling.

Excuse me while I dance around my new website!