Murder on the Links July 2013

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Some crime-related links I have been gathering! I’m always on the look out for new crime/murder mystery blogs to follow, so please recommend some in the comments.

Penguin have reissued 50 classic crime novels as a new Green Popular Penguins series in Australia. Oh, those covers make me go dizzy. I want ALL of them. A bit sad there’s no Agatha or Ian Fleming in the list, though… Still, I suppose it’s not like those books aren’t reprinted constantly.

Also can’t help noticing, only 6 of those 50 are women. Hardly representative of the crime genre then or now, really. Maybe I don’t want them after all, no matter how pretty they are…

JK Rowling talks about being Robert Galbraith, how she chose the name, and points out that it was actually the critical success of the books, not the ‘poor’ sales, which led to her being found out.

Only tangentially related to the Rowling-Galbraith saga is this piece by the Mumpsimus on Rejecting Doris Lessing, and why it’s not really a shock that publishers treat books by famous names a bit differently to those by ‘debut’ authors.

Speaking of pen-names, my alter ego TansyRR continues a chronological reread of Agatha Christie novels with Kathryn Linge over here: we meet Miss Marple for the first time in Murder at the Vicarage (1930)!

This fascinating article looks at the way readers so often skim over or forgive the inherent racism of some of Agatha Christie’s works, and THAT book in particular (which has had two racist titles, and two neutral titles, and is generally known these days as And Then There Were None).

As part of the interesting profile series on self publishing at the Guardian, Mel Sharrat talks about her whodunnit books which have been topping the Amazon lists, and why self publishing worked for her.

Nicholas Whyte is reviewing some of the more famous Agatha Christie novels, and tackles Murder on the Orient Express.

Ripping Ozzie Reads presents the categories for the upcoming annual Scarlet Stiletto Australian Crime Writing Contest.

Don’t forget there’s a Crime Convention coming up soon – Crimescene WA!

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